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Mentorship Program With Saloam


Get Mentored by Saloam Knox,
Founder & CEO at Credit Power LLC

Saloam Knox is a financial literacy advocate with 20+ years in collections, credit analyst, banking, and consumer industries. She is a 911 military veteran who served 7 + years in government service. Saloam specializes in empowering and educating consumers and the community on the importance of healthy credit management. She shares valuable insight on consumer credit and financial issues. 

Saloam is available for booking for speaking engagements, interviews, training and more.

Book Saloam for your next conference, training or special event.  

In this Mentorship Program we will cover

Mentorship Application Fee - $29.99

Credit Power LLC offers tailored financial mentorship to help you reach your financial goals. For a nominal monthly mentorship fee of $1497 for three months, qualified mentees will receive personalized support to help them realize their ambitions and make smart financial decisions.

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