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Copying Down


  • What is credit repair?
    Credit repair is a service provided under the CROA that allows credit repair service providers to assist consumers in the cor­rection of items on their consumer credit reports that prove to be inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable. Any credit repair agency that claims to be able to remove ANY item other than those identified above is in violation of the Credit Repair Or­ganizations Act (CROA).
  • How does the service work?
    Most credit repair companies try to get you to make untrue statements such as "this account is not mine" or "I was never late." This is yet again a violation of the CROA. Our processors will NEVER ask you to make a statement to any credit bureau or creditor that is not true. First, because it is illegal, and second because those tactics simply don't work very well. Our service helps identify items as inaccurate, outdated, or unverifiable, as well as finding mistakes and violations by creditors in the credit reporting process. Many times when presented with these violations, the creditor will choose to remove items as opposed to deal with complaints to state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • How much will my score increase?
    As much as I would like to, there is simply no way to know the answer to this question. There are far too many factors in­volved in the credit scoring model; the biggest variable being the "human factor". We don't know what you are going to do during this process. You might get new lates, max out credit cards, get new credit, get new collections, get a judgment placed against you, or one of hundreds of other things that would change the outcome of your service.
  • How long does this service take?
    We provide all our clients with an estimated time frame for ser­vice. Since the bureaus have 30 days to respond, our clients see progress within the first 30 days! In general, clients are usually with us from 3 to 6 months. However, this is not saying all items will be removed in that time frame or that all items will be removed at all. This is just the usual time frame people choose to stay in our program. However, we work relentlessly to achieve swift results as fast as possible.
  • Should I dispute online?
    Some companies try to speed up their service by using on line disputes. There are a whole host of reasons NOT to do this. Additionally, you should never dispute on line either. Here's why: When a dispute is entered on line, it goes into EDRP or expedited dispute resolution process. This sounds great until you read a little further unto the FCRA. It clearly states that if a dispute goes into EDRP then the bureaus do not have to comply with certain sections of the FCRA. Did you hear that? They get to ignore the law! The sections they don't have to comply with are also quite handy in the credit repair process. One section is the "Method of Verification" section. If an item comes back as verified, they don't have to tel I you "HOW" it was verified. Another section is the "Re-Insertion Letter" sec­tion. Usually, if an item is deleted, there are steps the bureau must follow in order to be able to re-insert that item. One of these steps is to send you a re-insertion letter before placing the item back on your report. The simple cost of creating and sending this letter drastically limits the amount of re-inserted items. If an item is processed under EDRP, THIS LETTER IS NO LONGER REQUIRED! They can just put the item back whenever they get good and ready. Just take our advice ... Don't dispute on line.
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