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About Us

We are a goal oriented, results driven, veteran-owned business that interacts directly with the creditors and all three credit reporting agencies

Equifax  |  Experian  |  TransUnion

to have inaccurate, unverifiable, outdated items, updated or removed permanently, in accordance with FCRA & consumer laws.

We provide a free consultation looking over your credit report, one account at a time. Yes, we hold your hand throughout your credit repair process, influencing you to feel comfortable while we continue to raise the bar of excellence.
92% of our clients see progress in as early 30 days!

Our employees at Credit Power had less than perfect credit so we inner-stand credit is a sensitive topic. We create a strategic game plan to fit your unique situation, empowering you to look attractive to lenders, confident to employers, and Credit Power ready!

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Goal Oriented


Results Driven


Veteran Owned

Meet Our Founder

Saloam Bey

Saloam Knox is a financial literacy advocate with 20+ years in collections, credit analyst, banking, and consumer industries. She is a 911 military veteran who served 7 + years in government service. Saloam specializes in empowering and educating consumers and the community on the importance of healthy credit management. She shares valuable insight on consumer credit and financial issues. 

Saloam is available for booking for speaking engagements, interviews, training and more.

Book Saloam for your next conference, training or special event.  

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